Answers from the Health Educator – 2020


Had unprotected sex oct 11 morning. Period started later that day and was normal. Took plan b October 12 evening. Is there a chance I can be pregnant? Could you ovulate the day before/of your period? I have irregular periods. I have an appointment in November to get iud. 


You did the right thing by taking a Plan B as soon as possible. It is not normal to ovulate within a day of starting your period but if you have an irregular cycle it is hard to know for sure. Take a pregnancy test in two weeks to see if the Plan B was successful. They will also have you do a pregnancy test before your IUD insertion. If you are getting your IUD put in through the Health Dept the nurse will not do the insertion unless you have stayed abstinent for two weeks prior. This is to reduce the risk of an endoscopic pregnancy.  



I’ve been having a somewhat intense fear of sleep and I don’t know what to do. I think it’s mainly for two reasons firstly in the past I have suffered from nightmares and while I have not had any instances of sleep paralysis I am still terrified of having either. The other is a fear of having any sort of romantic or sexual dream. I do feel embarrassed after I wake up but the majority of the problem comes from the fact that I’m bisexual and if I ever have one of these dreams I am sent into a downward spiral of questioning and self loathing for up to three days when I can get absolutely nothing done. To cope I have just been staying up very late and falling asleep with my phone in my hand. I know this isn’t healthy but I don’t know what I should do.


Hello, thank you for reaching out. Firstly, I want you to know that although anxiety about your sexuality is completely understandable, we are moving toward a society where sexual preference should not define you. Many people identify as bisexual and I would encourage you to find others who do. Talking to people who have had a similar experience as you could help you to overcome some of the anxiety you are having regarding it.

Secondly with how frequently this is effecting you and your well being I would highly recommend going to see a counselor. A counselor would be able to work with you long term and talk with you in more depth than we can over email. I am looking for a list of resources to send you and will send a follow up email with the attachment.


Hi…I had my first depo shot on the 8th of May 2020.On the 25th of June I had unprotected sex and I was on my periods…is it possible to get pregnant?


Thank you for your Question –
You were on your method and on time. It is highly unlikely that you are pregnant because the depo shot is 94% effective and even higher if you are always on time for your shot. However, if you want to be sure you can take a pregnancy test from the dollar store, pharmacy or go to Teen Cedar today or Teen Central tomorrow. It is always recommended to use condoms with you method of birth control to double protect against unwanted pregnancy and also protect you from sexually transmitted infections.


Hey so it was my first time on birth control pills and I started them after my period so they said to start it on the 28th and we had protected sex until the 2nd of June which is only 5 days apart and then we had unprotected sex on June 3rd so I am worried because he did cum inside me both of those days and I’ve heard birth control pills are effective only until 7 days and since I did not wait for those 7 days I am worried that I will get pregnant


You should take a Plan B as soon as possible to prevent the possibility of pregnancy. You should also take a pregnancy test two weeks from now to make sure the Plan B was effective. You are correct, because you did not wait a full 7 days since starting your birth control pills you were not protected. Please continue to take your birth control pills every day at the same time so you will be protected from pregnancy with future sexual activity.

You can come in to the clinic or one of our two Teen Clinics to get Plan B for no cost. Or you can buy Plan B at your local drug store.

Please call 706-389-6921 and ask for a health counselor or reproductive health clerk if you have any further questions.


I had an abortion on the 23 April. May 2020 n thy inject me with the prevention injection and I was supposed to back for injection on the 6th may I didn’t go and had unprotected sex will I fall pregnant


If the “injection prevention” was a Depo shot than you will be protected from pregnancy for three months since the date you got your first shot. Once the three months are over you need to get a second shot otherwise you will not be protected from pregnancy.

The Depo shot is one form of birth control, however the Health Dept offers several other methods. If you are interested in switching your method or learning about your options, please come in to the Health Department and pick a method that works best for you.

Although Depo shot is an effective birth control it only works if you get your shot once every three months. Depo shot and other birth controls do not protect you from sexually transmitted infections, so I would recommend you and your partner use condoms.

Question from May 7:

hi, i got nexplanon Jan 1. 2020. March came along and i had plans to see my long distance boyfriend during spring break. i started half a pack of BC pills (12 of them) that a provider gave me to regulate my period because i was having a lot of breakthrough bleeding, 12 days before seeing him because i was projected to start my period the day we were going to meet. i read some people do that sometimes, it worked and for three days we had “unprotected” sex (without a condom). i put that in quotes because i have the nexplanon and i was taking the pills when i was with him. HOWEVER on the last night (mar 16) i was with him i forgot to take the pill, but took it first thing in the morning (mar 17). about a week later (mar 25) i had my period for like 5ish days and was supposed to start again April 26 around there. it’s now may 8 and i haven’t had my period. i had read (from other people’s accounts) that the specific brand of pills i had were OK to take while on nexplanon and i know the implant is like SUPER EFFECTIVE, however i’m still worried i might be pregnant. i’m taking a test this afternoon but i wanted to know what are the chances that the bleeding i had in march was not my period and i could actually be harboring a child inside me? signed probs worried for no reason 🙂


Nexplanon is a highly effective birth control at 99.9%. If you followed nurse instructions to remain abstinent two weeks before your Nexplanon insertion and a week post insertion, it is extremely unlikely you are pregnant.

There might have been a miscommunication between you and the nurse that dispensed your birth control pills. As you are on Nexplanon, the pills were purely to help regulate your periods and are not essential at protecting you from pregnancy. It is okay that you took a pill late as they are not the method you are using to prevent pregnancy. Irregular bleeding is a very common side effect with the Nexplanon implant, so it is less likely an indication of pregnancy.

We are seeing patients at the Clarke county Health Department with some social distancing regulations but you are welcome to come in to get a pregnancy test.

From March 23, 2020:

i Had unprotected sex today and I’m getting the birth control implant in two days. If I’m pregnant will that terminate the baby?


You should abstain from sex two weeks before getting an implant or IUD.
That way, the pregnancy test will be accurate when you come to your insertion appointment. To answer your question, the Nexplanon implant will not terminate your pregnancy, however, you need to follow instructions above in order to prevent you from getting pregnant and having to come back for removal.