Ask the Health Educator: What to Expect at Visit

Question from June 29, 2015

Hello, My mom is wanting to put me on birth control specifically the Nexplanon implant. She wants me to be prepared for the just in case. Would it be required for me to get a Pelvic exam if i’m a virgin and have never done anything sexual? Or do i just come in provide my health information and then get put on it? please and thank you


Hi! You would not have to get pelvic exam unless you are having problems such as itching, burning, or a discharge. The nurse would perform an annual exam on you which includes checking your heart sounds, a breast exam and being tested for pregnancy, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia through a urine sample, as well as HIV. If she is able, based on your test results and health history, she will insert the implant that day. The visit will last about an hour. You do need an appointment to have the Nexplanon inserted. Please call or text your nearest clinic to make an appointment.

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