Ask the Health Educator: Irregular Periods

Question from June 3, 2015

I have history of irregular periods. Sept 3 2014 was the last period I had for that year. First period of 2015 was April 10 lasting the normal 5 days. Next was May 8 lasting normal 5 days. I have been sexually active unprotected. I had sex protected May 29. June 1 I started bleeding but was very light. June 2 even lighter and by end of day its gone. I am supposed to have my period June 5. What just happened?


It appears that you had a period in June, but it just happened to be a very light and short period. Since you have a history of irregular periods, it is likely that you may continue to have missed periods even though you had a regular cycles in April, May and June. Although your periods may be irregular, that does not mean that you cannot become pregnant. If you are not on a method of birth control, it would be best for you to start one to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. If you are on a method of birth control, such as the shot, the implant, or the IUD, irregular periods are a normal side effect. Teen Matters offers free pregnancy tests and birth control. Please feel free to stop by and visit us soon.

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