Ask the Health Educator: Late Period

Question from April 25, 2015

My periods have never been normal so I never know when they are coming. I had episodes of spotting and cramping monthly about 6 months ago and my Dr recently sent me. For an ultra sound and internal. Scope to check for pcos and everything came back normal. I had unprotected sex within the last few days of March and roughly 10-14 days later (I really wasn’t keeping track of dates) I had light pink discharge when I wiped.. This was a week ago now and I never got my period or anything since.. I’ve been really tired for the last two weeks.. Especially when it’s time to wake up I usually can’t get out of bed till noon. Any suggestions?


Anytime you have sex, especially unprotected sex, there is a chance you could become pregnant. The only way to know if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. My suggestion to you would be to first come in for a pregnancy test. If it is negative, we can start you on a method of birth control so that you won’t become pregnant before you are ready. Just because your periods are irregular, that does not mean you cannot get pregnant. We hope to see you soon!

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