Ask the Health Educator: Talking About Sex, STIs and Condoms

Question from November 14, 2013

Hi, I have been dating this guy for months & we have got very into each other & we both are virgins & we plan on having sex but I (the girl) am not on birth control. Me & him have talked about me getting on it which I plan too & he strongly thinks that since we both our virgins that we won’t get any kind of STD’s and stuff & when I get on birth control he want to cum inside me. I do not want to get pregnant or anything what should I do! Is that a good idea or what? We love each other & promised to have sex with one another no one else!


Hi! This is a great question. It sounds like you and your boyfriend have great communication skills and have spent a great deal of time talking about and preparing to have sex. You two are on the right track in your thinking about birth control.

You should definitely start a method of birth control BEFORE having sex so that you will be protected against pregnancy. But making the decision to have unprotected sex does put you at risk for STD’s and HIV. If both of you have been completely abstinent (meaning no vaginal, anal, or oral sex), then neither of you should have an STD. But, if either of you have ever had vaginal, anal or oral sex with another person, then you should get tested BEFORE having sex.

Although you two are very much in love, having sex without a condom is still risky. Being in love means that you want to protect each other and using condoms is a great way to express that you want to protect each other’s health. Agreeing to have sex with only each other is another really great way to add more protection against STD’s and HIV in your relationship, in addition to using condoms. Using condoms along with birth control also adds more protection against pregnancy too!

So the best idea would be to get on a method of birth control and use condoms each and every time you have sex. Teen Matters has free birth control, condoms, and STD testing and treatment available…..we hope to see you soon!

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