Did you know that you can TXT a Teen Matters’ Health Educator?

While you are welcome to txt any of the health educators – here is a list of counties and their specific numbers.

Clarke/Oconee:  706-410-8558

Elbert: 706-988-5183

Jackson: 706-621-1245

Madison: 706-424-2049

Greene/Morgan/Oglethorpe: 706-817-2352

Walton: 470-214-8823

Barrow (STARNetwork): 706-254-7914 



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    • If you have still not had a period in November, you should take a pregnancy test to find out if you became pregnant or not. If you are not pregnant, it would be best for you to start a method of birth control so that you will have protection from pregnancy. Teen Matters and your local Health Department offers free pregnancy test and birth control of teens.

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