Did you know that you can TXT a Teen Matters’ Health Educator?

While you are welcome to txt any of the health educators – here is a list of counties and their specific numbers.

Clarke/Oconee:  706-410-8558

Elbert: 706-988-5183

Jackson: 706-621-1245

Madison: 706-424-2049

Greene/Morgan/Oglethorpe: 706-817-2352

Walton: 470-214-8823

Barrow (STARNetwork): 706-254-7914 



  1. Hi can pregnancy care tablets delay your periods

    • Hi. If you are asking about prenatal vitamins, they do not typically affect your period. People usually only take these if they are trying to get pregnant. If this is why you are taking them, your period may be late because you are pregnant or it just may be a little late for no reason at all. The only way to know if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test.

      • Yes I’m now trying to get pregnant and my period was meant to come to day and it has not come so i did a pregnancy test to day and it was negative and that’s good then if it’s not the tables

        • It may take about 2 weeks from the time of conception to be positive. It is not an immediate result.

          • Okay so i ovulated on the 10 june 16 and i was meant to have a period on the 24 june when would i have to take a test and I’m 2 days late

          • The test will show up positive about 2 weeks after conception, but if you having protected sex often, then it’s hard to tell exactly when that 2 weeks will be. Wait another week. If your period has still not come, take another test.

    • Hi my last period was on the 24th may and I was meant to ovulate on the 10 June so I had sex on that day and I have not had a period at all in June but then I was going to do a pregnancy test on the 1st of July and I’m just wondering if that was a late period

      • Hi. If you have not had a period at all since May (not in June or so far in July), then your period would be considered late and there is a chance you could be pregnant. The only way to know for sure is to take a pregnancy test. If you need more advice about getting pregnant, it would be best for you to talk with an OB/GYN. This site is designed primarily to help people prevent pregnancy.

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