TM Madison (Danielsville)

Teen Matters – Madison

51 Sam Groves St
Danielsville, GA 30633


706.420.0008 (FAX)

706.424.2049   —  NEW TEXT LINE!


Ashleigh Grizzle, MSN, RN – Nurse

Stephanie Pope – Health Educator

Hours    ***NEW HOURS***

Tues, Wed, Thurs             3PM – 6:30PM

CLOSED Monday & Friday



  1. Do you have to have insurance in order to get an IUD or is it completely free? Also what IUDs are offered through teen matters.

    • You do not have to have insurance to get an IUD, but you can bring your insurance information along with you. Either way, it will still be FREE. We have the Skyla (3 years), Mirena (5 years) and Paragard (10 years) IUDs. You may have to have the procedure performed at your local Health Department. Please call or text the nearest clinic for more information.

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