TM Central (Athens)

TeenMatters_Central_Feb202009 022Teen Matters – Central

168 S. Rocksprings Ct
Athens, GA 30606

706-369-5670 (voice)
706- 410-8558 (text)


Whitney Howell, RN, BSN – Nurse
Carson Fletcher – Intake


Monday – Thursday : 2pm – 7pm

Friday: CLOSED

Text us @ 706-410-8558


  1. I once caught chlamydia from an ex got it treated but for the last 3 months I haven’t had a period I’m not pregnant and I read that chlamydia effects fertility so is it possible I got chlamydia again and it’s effecting my periods?

    • It is true that chlamydia can affect fertility and if you are currently infected again, it may also have an effect on your period. If you have started a new method of birth control like the depo shot, the implant, or the IUD, a common side effect of those birth control methods are missed or irregular periods. If you think it’s possible you may have become infected, please call or text your nearest clinic to come in for testing.

      • I don’t have any chlamydia symptoms and I haven’t been on bc In a year ..I got In it May of last year and My periods were at first irregular but then became regular until now.

        • If you are sure that you not pregnant, you may need to visit a gynecologist to determine why you are missing your periods. If you have been having sex, there is a chance you could be pregnant. It may be a good idea to take a pregnancy test just to be sure if you haven’t already.

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