Ask the Health Educator: What to Expect at Visit

Question from June 29, 2015

Hello, My mom is wanting to put me on birth control specifically the Nexplanon implant. She wants me to be prepared for the just in case. Would it be required for me to get a Pelvic exam if i’m a virgin and have never done anything sexual? Or do i just come in provide my health information and then get put on it? please and thank you


Hi! You would not have to get pelvic exam unless you are having problems such as itching, burning, or a discharge. The nurse would perform an annual exam on you which includes checking your heart sounds, a breast exam and being tested for pregnancy, Gonorrhea, and Chlamydia through a urine sample, as well as HIV. If she is able, based on your test results and health history, she will insert the implant that day. The visit will last about an hour. You do need an appointment to have the Nexplanon inserted. Please call or text your nearest clinic to make an appointment.

Ask the Health Educator: Plan B

Question from June 24, 2015

I’ve been on birth control for 8 days but had unprotected sex, should I still take plan b?


It takes 7 days for birth control to become effective. If you had unprotected sex on day 8, you are likely protected against pregnancy. If you had unprotected sex before 7 days, you may be at risk for pregnancy. Plan B must be taken within 5 days of unprotected sex. If it has been less than five days, please come in as soon as possible for Plan B. If it has been more than 5 days, wait 2 weeks and then take a pregnancy test. If you have more questions, please text or call your nearest clinic.

Ask the Health Educator: Irregular Periods

Question from June 23, 2015

A while ago I got the birth control implant and I know that it is 99.9% effective, my periods have always been irregular but I usually get my periods around the beginning or ending of a month. I haven’t had my period yet and i have been having sex using a condom. Is there any chance that i could possibly be pregnant?


One of the side effects of the implant is missed or irregular periods. Many women experience no periods the entire time they are on the implant. Some may have light spotting or bleeding every few months. So, chances are you are not pregnant. You’re just experiencing missed periods due to the implant, which is normal. If you are really worried about pregnancy, you could take a pregnancy test just to be sure.

Ask the Health Educator: Implant Effectiveness

Question from June 19, 2015

My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex exactly one week after I got the nexplanon implant. How effective is it at that point at preventing pregnancy?


The implant is more than 99% effective at preventing pregnancy 7 days after insertion. But remember that anytime a person has sex, especially unprotected sex, there is a chance pregnancy could happen. Since you have the implant the chances of you becoming pregnant are extremely small. If you are worried, take a pregnancy 2 weeks after this particular incident.

Ask the Health Educator: Irregular Periods

Question from June 3, 2015

I have history of irregular periods. Sept 3 2014 was the last period I had for that year. First period of 2015 was April 10 lasting the normal 5 days. Next was May 8 lasting normal 5 days. I have been sexually active unprotected. I had sex protected May 29. June 1 I started bleeding but was very light. June 2 even lighter and by end of day its gone. I am supposed to have my period June 5. What just happened?


It appears that you had a period in June, but it just happened to be a very light and short period. Since you have a history of irregular periods, it is likely that you may continue to have missed periods even though you had a regular cycles in April, May and June. Although your periods may be irregular, that does not mean that you cannot become pregnant. If you are not on a method of birth control, it would be best for you to start one to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. If you are on a method of birth control, such as the shot, the implant, or the IUD, irregular periods are a normal side effect. Teen Matters offers free pregnancy tests and birth control. Please feel free to stop by and visit us soon.

Ask the Health Educator: Paternity

Question from June 2, 2015

Hi! Well my question is: my husband and I have been trying to conceive since june. I got the nexplanon removed in may. By January I went back to the dr and he put me on oral birth control to regulate my cycle, which they started coming on March 27th and April 17th. On April 17th, a friday, I got my period (lasted 6) but on the 21st, a tuesday, I found out my husband cheated so unfortunately I slept with someone else. I know two wrongs don’t make a right and I regret it. On the 22nd my husband decided to work things out and we agreed to try, he knew about what I did as well. My husband and I had sex on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th. On the 27th I ovulated, which is a monday. I ovulated on day 10 that cycle. On the 17th my period never came. And I got a positive pregnancy test. Could it be from that guy? If we had intercourse on a Tuesday and I ovulated on the following monday?

And I did have sex with my husband on the 27th, 28th and 29th..

I got my period March 17th and April 17th.


If you had sex with both your husband and the other man after your last period, then it may not be possible to tell who the father is. Unless you took an ovulation test, it is impossible to know exactly when you ovulated. Since sperm can live inside the body for a few days, if you ovulated a few days before or after the 21st, it is possible that sperm from both your husband and the other man could have been present in your body and either could have fertilized the egg. The only way to be sure who the father is would be to take a paternity test after the baby is born.

Ask the Health Educator: When Did I Get Pregnant?

Question from May 28, 2015

Hi my last period was December 18 2014 and didn’t had sex until january 7 2015 when did I get pregnant


The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test. You are pregnant, you could have become pregnant on or around the 7th or any time after that if you continued to have sex. If you are on a method of birth control like the Implant, Mirena, or Depo, missed or skipped periods are a normal side effect. If you have more questions or think you might be pregnant, please contact your nearest clinic.

Ask the Health Educator: Antibiotics and Implant

Question from May 22, 2015

Everything I’m finding on nexplonon shows nothing about contraindications about antibiotic use. Is nexplonon the same as the pill where antibiotics lowers the effectiveness of the nexplonon?


If a person is using an antibiotic, we always recommend they use a back up method, such as condoms or abstinence, in addition to their regular birth control method. If you have more specific questions, please contact a nurse at your local clinic.

Ask the Health Educator: Depo Side Effects

Question from May 17, 2015

I was put on birth control (depo) at the end of april. i have had my period for a while and then some days it would leave and then come back very little and it isn’t much, almost like spotting. i have had sharp pains in my uterus and sometimes on my hip ot side, also i have been feeling nauseous some days but it isn’t very bad. can you please tell me what i may be experiencing? is it pregnancy? a miscarriage? or is it just some side affects of the birth control?


Irregular periods and spotting are expected side effects of depo. The pain you are feeling is likely just cramping associated with the bleeding, even though it’s not very heavy. If you notice that this pain and bleeding happens during or after sex, you should come in for a check up. Otherwise, over time you will notice that the bleeding will continue to get lighter and you may stop having a period while using depo.