Ask the Health Educator: Irregular Periods

Question from April 1, 2015

in February i had a extremely light 3 day period, in march i had no period. i took an at-home pregnancy test and it came back negative. i also took STD test at the health department, they all came back negative. if i am not pregnant and i do not have any STDs why have i not had my period?


There are many different reasons why a person may miss or have irregular periods. Sometimes hormone changes, especially common in teens, can cause missed periods. If you are on a method of birth control, like the implant or the depo shot, a common side effect is missed or irregular periods. Some women will also experience irregular periods throughout their lives; that just how their body works. If you are sexually active, it is still important for you to use a method of birth control even if your periods continue to be irregular. You could still become pregnant. If you continue to have irregular or missed periods, and would like to know why, you would need to visit a gynecologist for additional testing and information.

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