Ask the Health Educator: Can She Be Pregnant?

Question from February 8, 2015

We have done sex for 3 time on 8th nov , though i have used precautions and used condoms bt i also inserted fingure into her vagina which i have touched on my penis before and have not washed my hand before entering my fingure into her. we have also done oral sex. bt we are not sure so she have taken i-pill. after 1 week of that she started bleeding and continued for 3,4 days. her last normal periods has came near 2 nov. we again had sex on 27 dec for 3 time and after sex and the situation is same as last time(about fingure wnd oral sex) , bt this time she had no taken i-pill. so near 2 dec which is to be her normal date of periods she bleeded bt vry vry little. again her periods come on 4 jan with heavy bleeding and pain. bt now its 9 feb and her periods has not come. so i want to know is der any chance of pregnancy.


The only way to know for sure if she is pregnant is for her to take a pregnancy test. Anytime a person has sex, there is a chance of pregnancy. If your girlfriend is not on a method of birth control, she should come in to Teen Matters for a pregnancy test and to start birth control so that she can be protected against pregnancy. We hope to see you soon.

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