Ask the Health Educator: Dealing with Emotions

Question from August 4, 2013

If a girl is upset because she thinks no one loves her but if one of her male friends says she loves her, what would happen?


Many people, especially those going through puberty, have a tendency to experience loneliness. Even adults from time to time may feel lonely; this can a painful experience for some one of any age. If she feels that no one loves her, it is important for the friends and family in her life to express how much they do care for her. If a male friend wants to express his love for her, he should be sure to send the right message as to not confuse her. He should be sure to differentiate between conveying that he “loves her” (as a friend) which may not mean that he’s “in love with her” (in a romantic way). But most importantly, he should express his love to her by being a support system as she deals with her emotions.

It is also possible that she may suffer from depression or another mental illness. He should help her find resources that may be able to help her work through the emotions she’s experiencing. Perhaps speaking with a school counselor or therapist would be a good place to start.

It’s hard to predict “what would happen”, but her knowing that someone cares for her and wants her to get the help she may need, could be a step towards her feeling more loved.

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