Ask the Health Educator: Plan B

Question from July 10, 2013

My girl friend and I had sex the condom broke and I ejaculated as soon as it broke I’m terrified she just missed her period for a week now and pregnancy test says no but we had sex again and once again it broke We are wanting to get plan b and birth control but we have limited money please help us!


Condoms are very good at protecting against pregnancies and STD’s when used correctly and I am so happy to hear that you and your girlfriend were trying to be responsible by using them! But, unfortunately, many people do have the experience of having condoms break during sex. This is usually because they are not put on correctly. Be sure to read the instructions included in the condom package to learn how to use it correctly or stop by Teen Matters for a demonstration.

Plan B is available for purchase at your local pharmacy, but it is also available for FREE at Teen Matters. In order for it to work most effectively, it must be taken within 3 days (72 hours) of unprotected sex. If she took the pregnancy test less than 2 weeks after the condom broke, the results will likely not be accurate. If she still has not started her period, she should take another pregnancy test.

I am happy to hear that you and your girlfriend have discussed starting a method of birth control. This tells me that you two really want to avoid being pregnant and have great communication in your relationship. When she takes another pregnancy test, and if the results are still negative, she should visit Teen Matters as soon as possible to get started on a FREE method of birth control. One of the great things about young ladies being on a method of birth control is that in the event unprotected sex happens, there is no need to worry about pregnancy! I hope to see both of you soon!


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