Ask the Health Educator: How Should I Feel about Sex?

Question from July 1, 2013

Im a female and i started having sex but im not sure on what i suppose to feel?


Sexual experiences are different for everyone. There is no way to describe what or how a person should feel; it varies from person to person. If a person ever feels afraid or forced into a sexual experience, it could mean they are not in a safe situation and need to tell someone. If someone is uncomfortable or unsure about their sexual experience, it could mean they are not ready for that type of relationship and may need to wait before having sex again. The most important part of any relationship is communication. It is very important for you to talk with your partner so that you both can agree on the type of relationship you will have.

Now that you are sexually active, you and your partner both have the responsibility of protecting yourselves and each other from STD’s and pregnancy (pregnancy only if your partner is male). Using condoms correctly EVERYTIME you have sex, is one of the best ways to prevent STDs and you being on a method of birth control is one of the best ways to prevent pregnancy. Using BOTH at the same time is even BETTER! Both partners being monogamous (only having sex with each other) is also a good way to prevent STDs. Teen Matters has both FREE condoms and birth control available. Feel free come into any of our locations for FREE and Confidential services!

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