The Case for Girls

Submitted by Kendra Hibler, Health Educator at Teen Matters Jackson

I get this magazine and it’s the most amazing thing ever! It’s called Fast Company and it’s all about technology and business and innovation and jobs and awesomeness. It’s hard to describe, but it takes me hours to read it because it’s so fascinating that I read the entire thing at least twice!

Anyway, there was this super cool article in the December issue about “branding” girls. No, not branding like cattle – branding like promoting the image of girls, like how Coke and Victoria’s Secret and Nike are all brands. Each brand has a different image; you think different things about the product based on marketing and ads.

Well, girls have typically been thought of as a “lesser product” than boys. So lame. Well, this article talks all about how awesome girls are and how we could “re-brand” girls in a more positive light. Here are some awesome things about girls:

  • Girls now make up almost 60% of college graduates in the U.S.
  • The number of girls/women on a team leads to better performance, having a bigger impact than team IQ score!
  • Programs and projects aimed at girls/women show a 90% return on investment (compared to 30 – 40% for projects targeting boys/men).

Girls have some seriously amazing things going on! But, women still earn less than men at the same jobs and fathers-to-be still say they would rather have a boy baby! What’s up with that?

So, Fast Company challenged some of the top advertising companies to come up with fake magazine ads about how great girls are and here are some of my favorites! Moral of the story: don’t forget how incredible you are!