Earth Hour 2012

Earth Hour is this amazing global movement to bring awareness to climate change through a simple, organized action – turn off the lights for 1 hour. Every year, people all over the planet pledge to turn their lights off for a specific hour – all at the same time! What an awesome way to show support for something that is impacting all of us. Here’s what Earth Hour had to say about climate change:

“Global warming is the greatest threat facing our planet today. A warming planet alters weather patterns, water supplies, seasonal growth for plants and a sustainable way of life for us, and the world’s wildlife. Climate change has already started, but it’s not too late to take action. There’s still time for us all to be part of the solution.”

So, how easy would it be to turn the lights off for an hour? Click here to see how you can get involved in Earth Hour – and show the Earth some love!