Do you PostSecret?

Submitted by Kendra Hibler, Health Educator at Teen Matters Jackson

Ok y’all, I’m really excited about sharing this with you today! PostSecret is one of my favorite websites, and if you’ve been to Teen Matters Jackson, you might have noticed some in our waiting room videos. PostSecret is an “on going community art project” that this guy from Maryland started a few years ago. Here’s the cool part: the project is made up of people’s anonymous secrets that they mail in on homemade postcards. Every Sunday, the secrets on the website are changed (there’s only about 20 up every week out of the thousands that are sent in). Some of the secrets are things that you might be going through, too; some are funny, some are weird, some are sad, but all of them are true. Checking PostSecret is something that I do every single Sunday. Check it out and see if any of this week’s secrets hit home with you – or send in your own! Here’s a small sample: