Guys Struggle for Rape Awareness

Most of the time when we’re talking about sexual assault or rape, we’re talking about women or girls. This makes sense. Unfortunately, women are sexually assaulted much more frequently than men…


…but guys can be victims of sexual assault and rape too.

In a recent study, 1.4% of men said that they had been raped or had been the victim of attempted rape at some point. That’s 1 in every 71 men! And usually, the perpetrator was a man that the victim knew (which is similar for women). Maybe even more surprisingly, 1 in 21 men said that they’d been forced to penetrate a partner (usually female), had been the victim of an attempt to force penetration, or had been made to receive oral sex. This is so wrong!

I know it’s easy to joke about how guys are always looking to have sex and would never turn it down, but that’s just not true. Guys have boundaries and values just like girls do, and they should be respected. If a guy doesn’t want to have sex, he shouldn’t be made to. No one – no matter what their sex, gender, or sexual orientation is – should be the victim of sexual assault or rape.

Fortunately, the government is starting to catch on, too. Recently, the U.S. government expanded its definition of rape to include male victims.

If only people didn’t have to be told that it’s not okay to make someone (anyone!) have sex with you!